God created us all good and equal

God created us all good and equal, it's the religious zealots who made us what we are. ...As Gandhi said the jews, christians, muslims, etc., are my brothers and sisters.  We are first and foremost members of the human race, and citizens of the world. Everything else is an accident of birth."

Wrong beliefs are destroying us

We are powerless agains eventualities when the belief systems from which they originate are ignored.

  [extract from article at http://site.www.umb.edu/faculty/salzman_g/Strate/2006-03-18.htm]

Solomon Islands Appeal

3 Feb 2006 10:54:14 -0000
Dear All,

The Solomon Islands Social Credit party is making an appeal for financial assistance to help their General Election campaign in March, 2006. On balance it is not desirable for GJM Discussion to be used for appeals because if one group is favoured the next group demands equality and so on.

Reflections on 'Paradigm Shift' - a challenge confronting us all

Word and Flesh by Wendell Berry

Towards the end of As You Like It, Orlando says: “I can live no longer by thinking”. He is ready to marry Rosalind. It is time for incarnation. Having thought too much, he is at one of the limits of human experience, or of human sanity.